Hyundai Nexo: The New Hydrogen SUV Revealed At CES

Hyundai Nexo: The New Hydrogen SUV Revealed At CES

Intended to succeed the current iX35 Fuel Cell, the Hyundai Nexo was revealed this Monday, January 8 at the CES in Las Vegas. Commercialization expected in 2018 in certain markets s.

Hydrogen, act 2! Having launched five years ago a first hydrogen SUV based on the current Tucson (ix35 for Europe ), Hyundai passes the speed upper and present at CES the final version of its new generation of SUV in hydrogen.

If the dimensions of the Nexo seem quite close, the vehicle rests entirely dedicated. What to offer Hyundai more opportunities and better integration of different components. The Nexo also evolves technically with a much higher autonomy. While the ix35 was about 400 km, the Nexo passes nearly 600 km through three tanks. Integrated in the back of the vehicle, they would ship 5 to 6 kilos of hydrogen. The motorization is also more powerful. Passing from 100 to 120 kW, it allows the Nexo to shoot down 0-96 km / h in 9.5 seconds against 12.5 seconds for the Tucson.

As a technological flagship of the brand, the Nexo embeds a series of innovations that we should gradually find in the rest of the range of the Korean brand. These include a line hold system, a camera for dead angles and a fully automated parking feature that the driver can activate from outside the vehicle.

Launch in 2018

Without giving sales volume targets, Hyundai says that Nexo will be available this year in some markets, and it is expected that the Korean brand will focus its efforts in countries and territories where infrastructure is available. For now, the prices of Hyundai Nexo were not disclosed.

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