Renting A Minibus For Personal Use

Renting A Minibus For Personal Use

Renting a minibus can be a great way for you to transport the whole family on holiday, or you can use it to take a group of friends on a day trip. Whatever your needs, there are a number of factors to consider and to ensure that are included in your rental when you do hire the minibus, and these will help ensure that you enjoy the rental experience that you need.

Before renting, consider your requirements so that you know what you are looking for. Ensure you know how many people will be travelling, whether you will be sharing the driving responsibility, how far you will be going, and when you will need the rental to run. Also consider whether you will be driving over to Europe, because while it is possible to include this as part of your rental, if you aren’t thinking of travelling to Europe, it is an extra cost that you could remove from your rental price in order to save money while still ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of rental.

When you first hire a minibus, you might be mistaken for thinking that they’re all the same. However, not only are there different makes of minibus available, but there are different sizes which offer the capability to transport any size of group from 6 passengers up to 16. Do ensure that you opt for the right size, because you won’t be able to fit everybody in to one that is too small, and you will usually be paying more than necessary if you rent one that is too large.

If you are looking to rent a minibus in order to take the family on a European holiday, or to travel to Europe for any reason, then you need to ensure that European travel is either included or can be added to your rental agreement. Most companies do allow this, and you don’t need any special licence or anything like that to drive in Europe. It will cost you extra, and you should always ensure that you know the rules of the road for the country that you are travelling to. 

If you are going on a long journey to Europe, or even a long journey across the UK, then you might want to consider adding a second and even additional drivers to your agreement. There is a small extra charge for this, and the second driver needs to meet certain criteria and present their licence, but sharing the driving can make it easier for everybody while also ensuring that you have a contingency plan if one of the drivers gets ill or is unable to drive for any other reason.

Always make sure you are comfortable driving the minibus before you set off of on a long journey. Check your mirrors before you drive away, and adjust them to match your comfortable driving position. Make sure you know the height of your vehicle, the fuel it takes, and the terms of your rental agreement in order to avoid any difficult situations while you’re away or when you return.

Nationwide Hire UK has a number of makes and models of minibus available for your hire. Whether you are heading to the next county, or across Europe, and whether you are taking five passengers or 15, they have a minibus to match your requirements.

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