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It is normal to see driverless cars on the streets or robots working on the factory floor. A great revolutionary wave has been going through the automotive industry due to artificial intelligence and robotics. AI and robotics can give any aspect of the automotive industry a complete transformation, right from research to managing a project.

Like any other sector, these technological workhorses have started taking over the paint sector of the industries. Paint application technology offers superhuman consistency while slashing down the operating costs and material waste.

Dürr offers several technologies in this field to make the assembly process more streamlined and efficient.

Dürr’s paint robots

Dürr’s 3rd generation of painting robots is all modular by nature. Their designs have been systematically incorporated in the 6th and 7th axes of the kinematic system. Its version is different from others in the market due to a single reason: they have an additional rotating axis in their main arm. Its other components are relatively identical, bringing in several other benefits such as easy spare parts management, simplified maintenance work, and significant savings on storage costs. This paint application technology allows for easy replacement o integrated pneumatic, control, and high-voltage components as its quick-release fasteners facilitate easy cladding removal.

These robots reduce paint loss and purging-agent consumption by a considerable margin. This is because the color changer and dossing-pumps required during the painting process are directly mounted on the robot’s front arm.

Following are a few versions of robots that Dürr provides to make your painting process more efficient – 

  1. EcoRP E043i with 7-axis kinematic system by Dürr

The technology gives your paint application process more flexibility due to its 7-axis kinematic system. The EcoRP E043i belongs to the 3rd generation of robots equipped with several prominent, innovative features. Its 7 – axis is directly integrated with the robot’s kinematic system, providing better manoeuvrability while expanding the work area. This enables the robot to expand its reach to problematic areas. The unmatched manoeuvrability of the 7-axis robot dispenses out the requirement of displacement rail in several functions. Furthermore, this technology takes the setup to a higher level if the size of the spray booth is reduced. This can help the customer save more on rail investment and maintenance costs.

  1. 6-axis technology – flexible for varied paint applications

The 6-axis painting robots by Dürr can be set up anywhere according to the need. They can easily be equipped at the top or the bottom of EcoRail X or installed within the spray booth as a stationary model without the rail. Thanks to their latest modular design, these 6-axis kinematic systems can be used to paint and open the hoods.

Some other uses of 6-axis technology are – 

  • Flame treatment
  • Underbody sealing
  • Measuring coat thickness
  1. Scara electric strike – A perfect painting assistant

This paint application technology acts as an electric strike equipped with a long vertical stroke. Its compact, flow-optimized design helps predestine the Scara robot, which helps install the painting booths. This technology is usually installed on a compact internal rail, which can be adjusted at various heights. It can be used as a stand-alone or a traveling model.

  1. Swingarm robot – Perfect match for commercial vehicles

The Swingarm technology is an optimal solution for your paint application process. It has the reach and ability to paint both the loading area and the exterior of the rear doors. This technology is specifically manufactured to carter to commercial vehicles. The swingarm can extend up to 5m and easily fold back into a small, compact size. This makes it highly mobile, allowing it to dive effortlessly into the loading areas and interiors that are very difficult to reach manually. The fully automatic station offers excellent and easy accessibility for both small and large-sized vehicles. This makes it highly suitable for stop-and-go and line tracking operations.

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