What your choice of car colour says about you

What your choice of car colour says about you

White and silver have been dominant choices of colour when it comes to choosing a car in the last few years, though now black is back in the top spot. When there is a whole rainbow of colours available when ordering a new car – with names as descriptive as the big brand wall paints – what is it about black that is so enduringly appealing

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Much has been made about what your choice of colour says about your personality, whether in terms of clothes, home décor or car. It’s a universally-spoken language that we recognise subconsciously, and because of that, we’re often drawn to one colour over another without recognising or acknowledging it, yet it drives so many decisions.

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So what is it about black? Said to be a ‘power colour,’ in a car, black is sensible and safe. Drivers of black cars are confident. Usually associated with elegance and style, it’s a choice for people wanting to be taken seriously, so a great option for company cars.

White is naturally a clean choice – which is sometimes difficult to maintain in a car exterior – but can also be the choice of someone hiding their personality, or someone who is not sharing their emotions.

Blue is a popular choice, and suggests reliability and trustworthiness, which is why it’s the main brand colour for the NHS and lots of banks and building societies. It’s a colour for thinkers and is not generally an emotional colour.

Red suggests someone who likes to be noticed. It’s not for the faint-hearted, and in the car world, because of its association with a very famous Italian car manufacturer – Ferrari – it is often seen as being strong and exciting. A red car is not for wallflowers.

You might find that the colour of car you choose even has an impact on your insurance, which is a consideration for businesses looking for motor trade insurance. Look around for quotes from companies like quotemetoday.co.uk/motor-trade-insurance to make sure you get the best deal.

You can find out more about the meaning of colour and its impact from Art Therapy.

So whilst we normally choose a colour instinctively, it might be worth ‘future proofing’ your decision and taking some time to consider more carefully.

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